Eve Alasaarela

visual artist


I am an intuitive and emotion-driven artist. Painting, to me, is about being present, dancing in a pain and beauty. Paintings arise from my visions, the experience of my existence and, and at the same time, touch on something universal, common, something that can only be accessed through emotions and the soul.

My work often begins with one of those sparks, of which life is full: a color, an ambiance, a small everyday thing, or a glimpse of something bigger. Nature represents to me the unexplainable, and I’ve always been touched by the movement and rhythm – the visible patterns of life that are manifested in living organisms from the smallest to the greatest. It manifests in my work, as does the unique beauty and perfection of life’s roughness, error and brokenness. Humor is the driving force – in the end, life is not so serious.

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